About Us


Mike and Ramona Smith

Novatek Welding / Fabrication

We have worked with Bill Luyks of Graham Scott Enns for the past 5 years. Bill’s attention to detail and corporate planning skills have assisted us in the purchase of several businesses. We rely on Bill to guide us in our tax planning and business forecasting needs to run our daily business. As part of the team of professionals at GSE, Bill is quick to leverage his associates knowledge to ensure a thought out approach is taken to all projects. We continue to appreciate Bill’s professionalism and friendly responsiveness to our questions as business owners and highly recommend him to anyone needing professional accounting services.

Marion Rose

President, Elgin Travel & Cruises Travel Plus

It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Bill Graham first took me under his wing, set up my appointment at the bank, coordinated the loan and gave me the confidence to purchase my business.  I never pictured myself as an entrepreneur and probably would not be, if it were not for Bill’s encouragement at that time.  Elgin Travel and Cruises just moved into a brand new office and celebrated our 25th year servicing our valued clients.  Our business has continued to grow each year and I am grateful for the direction we continue to receive from Jim Frederick and all the staff at Graham Scott Enns.  I trust their advice and I am thankful for that push 20 years ago to take a leap that changed my life.

Ken Crawford

Pharmacist/Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart #100

I have been a business owner since 1997, and Graham Scott Enns has been with me every step of the way. I believe, many new entrepreneurs early on don’t realize the value of a trusted and accessible accounting firm like GSE ‘s, but they have provided exceptional advice and guidance during my learning curve. Graham Scott Enns is accessible to me if I run into a problem or challenge I have not faced before. Not only are they a vital part of my business, they also look after my personal accounting needs. I think that, speaks for itself. I relocated my business several years ago, and continue to utilize Graham Scott Enns to this very day, only from 1900 kms away.

Renée Carpenter

Owner, Jennings Furniture & Design

A major key to a successful business is in having a superb behind-the-scenes team you can rely on – a team that has your back and personal interests at heart and will stick with you when the going gets tough as well as share in your joys of success. I cannot imagine the last five years at Jennings Furniture & Design without the support of Graham Scott Enns and the personal above-and beyond involvement that has been put into making sure my business succeeds.