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On January 1, 2018, Graham Scott Enns LLP Chartered Professional Accountants and Kee Perry & DeVrieze Chartered Professional Accountants both did again what they have always done best – built an opportunity on a relationship, and have merged the firms.

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Graham Scott Enns and Kee Perry & DeVrieze logos

The merged firm, operating under the name, Graham Scott Enns LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, welcomes Ann Marie Perry as a partner, joining the existing nine partners of GSE.

Ann Marie and her staff of Jan, Kathy, Eric and Luke will continue to serve clients from their present location at 15 Barrie Blvd., St. Thomas, over the coming six months. All phone numbers and emails will remain unchanged pending full transition of staff and services to the Graham Scott Enns location at 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas (Elgin County Building) in June 2018.

Jim Kee retired from Kee Perry & DeVrieze during 2017, and the clients Jim had worked with continue to be served by Ann Marie and staff. Ann Marie has been a partner with Kee Perry & DeVrieze since 2004, assisting a wide range of clients on assurance, accounting and taxation matters.

Motivated by recognition of the two firms’ common focus on building client service by fostering meaningful client relationships, the merger was seen as an opportunity to expand services without either party needing to compromise on their commitment to their approach.

In the spirit of this commitment, Kee Perry & Devrieze would like to take this opportunity to share that while the name of the firm will be changing, their clients will continue to be served by Ann Marie and the familiar faces they have come to know so well.

Consisting of ten partners and forty staff, with offices in St. Thomas and Aylmer, Graham Scott Enns LLP is well positioned to offer many special services including complex tax arrangements and succession planning, in addition to delivering a wide range of ongoing accounting, auditing and taxation services.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and to sharing how this merger will benefit you directly.