Comfort. It may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of accounting and business services.

We’ve found that open, trusting, ongoing relationships help us understand where you are, how you work, and where you want to go. We invest the time and effort to provide services to you at a personal level.

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Auditing & Assurance

Beyond our relationship-focused approach, GSE and its predecessor firms have been assessing and articulating financial statements for over half a century.

Advisory Services

The big picture is always the best place to start. We can provide a comprehensive range of service from one place – including financial, taxation, and business operations.

Succession Planning

It’s something people may avoid thinking about, but succession planning is an essential element of your long-term strategy that provides you with peace-of-mind.

Special Services

Sometimes, you don’t know that you need something until you need it. In those situations, it’s good to have someone familiar to turn to.


Getting to knowing you, your needs, and how your situation changes over time is the key to an effective, ongoing tax strategy.

Graham Scott Enns has been helping clients succeed for over 40 years. Explore our services and focus industries.

Renée Carpenter

A major key to a successful business is in having a superb behind-the-scenes team you can rely on – a team that has your back and personal interests at heart and will stick with you when the going gets tough as well as share in your joys of success. I cannot imagine the last five years at Jennings Furniture & Design without the support of Graham Scott Enns and the personal above-and beyond involvement that has been put into making sure my business succeeds.
— Renée Carpenter, Owner, Jennings Furniture & Design

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