Agriculture & Ag Business

Farmer using tablet in field

You may not have to be a farmer to truly understand the industry but having partners and staff with a farming background certainly helps.

Both our Aylmer and St. Thomas offices have partners and staff who were raised on the farm.  Knowing farming and AG operations and having helped scores of clients with everything from   transitioning from one generation to the next or just sharing thoughts about yields is a must-have to be able to help today’s farmers with the business and taxation skills they need.

And we also invest the time to ensure our staff can be able assistants, making sure they know the technical side of accounting for farming operations, and even taking the staff out to see clients’ operations.  With the importance of agriculture to Elgin, we work with farming clients most days of the year, and that knowledge mixed in with our long-term view and genuine interest in helping, makes GSE a strong partner to our farming clients.