About Us

Our Approach

At GSE, the depth and breadth of our knowledge has made us successful. But it is not what has helped us excel. Equally important, in our minds, is the depth and breadth of our relationships with the people we serve.

Why is that so key to success?

We’ve found that open, trusting, ongoing relationships help us understand where you are, how you work, and where you want to go. We invest the time and effort to provide services to you at a personal level. That in turn allows us to tailor and adapt a service strategy that accomplishes what you want it to.

Whether we’re meeting with you in the boardroom or at the kitchen table, whether it’s a new relationship, or one that’s been built over decades – the success of GSE’s approach is built on knowing you so we can know what works for you.

There is one thing we know works for everyone.

Letting GSE get to know you, not only liberates you to focus on your core business expertise and pursuits while we take on development of corporate and financial strategies, government reporting, succession planning, and traditional accounting services including audit, tax, and assurance.

Over five decades we have become familiar with prosperity by making clients we have come to care about prosperous as well.