About Us

Our Approach

Comfort. It may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of accounting and business services. But we feel it is the key to our client relationships.

Why is that so key to success?

We’ve found that open, trusting, ongoing relationships help us understand where you are, how you work, and where you want to go. We invest the time and effort to provide services to you at a personal level. That in turn allows us to tailor and adapt a service strategy that accomplishes what you want it to.

Whether we’re meeting with you in the boardroom or at the kitchen table, whether it’s a new relationship, or one that’s been built over decades – the success of GSE’s approach is built on knowing you, to know what works for you.

Our approach at Graham Scott Enns is in many ways built on getting to know you, and fostering the kind of relationship that allows us to work together on the best possible strategic approach for your evolving business circumstances.

In a way, it is all about comfort. Comfort that comes from having found the kind of advisors that are truly looking out for you. Advisors who look at today’s risks and results while working towards your future success. Comfort leads to confidence.