International Women’s Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day from everyone at Graham Scott Enns LLP!
This year, we would like to highlight a recent Women in the Workplace study from McKinsey which found that 90% of women under the age of 30 are looking to be promoted to the next level in the workplace, and 75% of them are looking to become senior leaders in their respective organizations. GSE is proud to be mentoring the next generation of women leaders within our Firm. Each semester we welcome a new round of future accountants, who we have the privilege of working with and developing their skills over the course of their time with us. This semester we are delighted to be working with Bowen and Gracie as they continue to develop on their accounting education journey!
“GSE’s Buddy/Mentor program is one of the most valuable tools for goal setting within the Firm. As a mentor, we provide insight to our mentees on how to set goals, and the necessary tools and resources for our mentees to achieve them. As both a mentor and a mentee, I can appreciate the value from both sides of the relationship – I can see how much my mentor has helped me to achieve and set further goals, as well as how I can support my mentee to reach their career advancement goals. Being a mentor and having the opportunity to work with and provide leadership to other young women in accounting has been very rewarding!”
Heather Carrel, Intermediate Accountant, Mentor to Gracie
Happy International Women’s Day!
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