Committees: PERT

What is the Purpose of the PERT committee?

The purpose of the PERT committee is to support and guide PERT Mentees, Mentors, Program Leaders, and Program Managers through the CPA qualification process successfully, and aid in helping CPA students pass their CFE exams.


PERT accomplishments over the years:

With the assistance of our internal CFE Support Program, we had three successful CFE writers in 2022. In addition, we were able to support all of our current CPA students through the PERT reporting process throughout the year, including two students getting accepted to membership in December 2022 after successfully meeting all requirements.


Future direction and upcoming events:

In 2023, we will have one CFE writer. We will be looking to support them through their CFE study leave over the course of summer 2023. The PERT committee hosted an internal convocation dinner for the 2022 successful CFE writers in June 2023.