Things to Share with Your Accountant

This personal tax season, here are some things to remember to share with your accountant as you may be eligible for related tax credits.

  • Moving expenses (including for university and college students)
  • Child care expenses (including summer camps)
  • Changes to your health or physical abilities that may result in eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit
  • A relative has moved in with you as they require your care and support (i.e. parent, adult child, grandchild)
  • Home renovations completed to make your house more accessible (i.e. wheelchair ramps, grab bars, etc.)


The Canada Revenue Agency requires that all income is reported on your personal tax return. Here are some types of income that you want to remember to talk to your accountant about if they apply to you:

  • COVID government benefits received
  • Income and expenses related to “side hustles” (including Uber, AirBnB, etc.)
  • Cryptocurrency transactions
  • Change in use to a property you own (i.e. renting out all or part of your home)


Other items to share:

  • Disposition of your principal residence
  • Change in personal status (i.e. married, common-law, separated, divorced)


If you are a GSE client, please complete a client questionnaire and bring it in with your personal tax return – it helps us to identify changes in your life that may impact your personal tax return.

The “2021 Personal Income Tax Return Checklist” also identifies further items to consider and share with your accountant.


Both documents can be found in our Client Document Library.